Fresh Pineapple

An update on The Pineapple Project, since we had our first workshop this spring, with an enthusiastic audience of about eight kids and their accompanying adults. We received some great feedback from the youngest to the oldest in the crowd, everything from wearing a “tutu around the neck” is confusing (I was playing a queen, but I guess that fashion statement is so yesterday) to more chase scenes please, and do less talking and more showing…always a good suggestion. So now, after having had some weeks to ponder, to play, and to revise, we are on our way to our next workshop in late June/early July, 2015. We hope we haven’t over thought everything, and will deliver a show that makes every attempt to get this right. Or at least, righter than it was, if that makes sense. All we know is that we want kids who see the show to feel like they can be free to discover who they are, that there is only one them and they are a unique collection of wonderful. More soon from The Pineapple Project. As I write this, I do not have a tutu around my neck, although, I highly recommend trying at least once in your life.

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