Queer Soup specializes in developing new works by local artists. In addition to stage plays, we collaborate on projects with local LGBTQ youth organizations and donate part of every show’s profits to a local non-profit. Queer Soup’s mission is to create original work that pushes the boundaries of theater, to inspire open dialogue and change.  We have been performing throughout New England for the last 12 years, empowering audiences to discover truth in their identity.

Queer Soup was formed in 2002 as a collaboration between the Brian & Mal Show and J. Rene Productions. Queer Soup has received two Curve Magazine Sapphic Theater Awards and was nominated for a Boston IRNE award for Home.

What it’s About….

In September, 2015, we were featured in Curve Magazine. And we are sure grateful for the coverage! Check it out!

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