Pineapple Project has Launched!

The Pineapple Project, our new theater piece for kids and their caregivers and/or educators that celebrates gender creativity, is officially out in the world. We had two energetically received performances at the Boston Children’s Museum in December, in which one front row seven year old audience member said after the show,

“I fell out of my seat three times, it was so funny!”

You can’t ask for anything more eloquent. And we’re so grateful. Because we’ve developed many new works for youth and “grown ups”, but this is our first adventure with a theater piece for kids. And if it doesn’t connect with them, then, it’s doomed.


But so far, so good. Our most recent performance, for a group of educators in Cambridge, MA, one of whom brought two kids, who after the performance, shared that the show clicked with him, and he loved the “superhero part and the friendship.”

This captures what we only hoped would be the heart of the show, that it connects with kids, and that they feel good about themselves after they see it. We want that message to be loud and clear – that they celebrate who the are and listen to their heart and get the support and love to feel free to explore who they are, without judgement.

The Pineapple Project will be traveling to a school, library, camp, festival, near you in the coming year. If you’d like to schedule a performance, go to:

The Pineapple Project

Onward yonder Pineapple!